Flea Control in and around Plymouth. We all know that no matter how careful we are animals get fleas..............

There are many pet treatments out there that adequately control this problem (Samson / advantage) but..... Did you know that for every flea on your animal there are approx 100 lurking  within your carpet, laying eggs and just constantly growing in numbers every 14 days. 

Fleas are parasitic. That means that they live by feeding on a host, usually a cat or dog, however they can survive on humans.

Fleas can survive unsustained from their hosts for an infinite time.

Flea bites usually take the form of a small itchy red dot, although not dangerous they are one of the main protagonists as far as allergy sufferers.

What can you do?

Vacuum regularly and ensure the bag or cylinder is disposed of and thoroughly cleaned afterwards.(Flea eggs are white and oval shaped.)

Ensure bedding is washed at a higher temperature.

treat your dog or cat with a recommended flea treatment such as Samson or advantage.

Call us and we will attend your property to lay an insecticidal spray in order to kill any remaining fleas, eggs or Larvae. There are products available to buy over the counter but these are much less effective.

Our product is totally safe for children and animals but we do advise that the room or rooms are not re entered for a minimum period of two hours.

Once the treatment has dried the carpets, upholstery can be vacuumed and the contents disposed of as mentioned earlier.

Let Premier take care of this problem for you with one safe and effective treatment to ensure that all of these pests are eradicated.

 Just call or email us for details and ensure that your clean carpet is a healthy carpet.

We also carry out comprehensive treatments to combat Bed Bugs.....

Lets keep our best friends happy !!!!!!!!


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