Q. How long does it take the carpet to dry?

A. Usually the carpet is dry within two to three hours, however this is dependant upon the temperature within the house and the outside temperature. Its safe to walk on straight away.


Q. Why do carpet cleaners recommend water extracting methods?

A. Unlike a dry system hot water produces a true deep clean. It enables deep        penetration into the carpet and means that the dirt is flushed out from the carpets deepest level. Powders just attach to dirt and are not always completely removed with just vacuuming.


Q. How often should the carpet be cleaned?

A. We recommend at least twelve monthly, but if you have anyone in the house suffering from allergies, or even pets then the frequency should be increased. E.G pets need to be treated for flees and ticks every three months so the carpet will always benefit from a cleaning at the same time.


Q. What can I do to increase the life of my carpet?

A. Ensure that any spillages are cleaned up as soon as possible and most importantly ensure the floor covering is vacuumed regularily to ensure the removal of grit etc that can wear the carpet when constantly ground in with foot traffic.Book a regular carpet clean from a professional company like Premier.



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